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There's been a very interesting, hysterical, and somewhat sexist scandal revolving around Japanese TV personality Mona Yamamoto. I've tried to put together a relatively cohesive account from multiple sources, though I'm not sure how successful I've been. I'll let you all judge that. . .

Last September Mona Yamamoto 山本モナ was a TBS news reporter whose tryst with a married politiican caused a political scandal. Yamamoto, a 30 year old, half Norwegian, half Japanese Gakushuin University graduate had an affair with Goshi Hosono, the 35-year-old Acting Policy Research Council Chairman of the Democratic Party of Japan, the country’s biggest opposition party.

The affair caused Goshi Hosono to resign from his post and Yamamoto who had just landed one of the most plum jobs in Japanese TV journalism acting as sidekick to veteran Tetsuya Chikushi on “TBS News 23” was forced to take a leave of absence.

Despite the scandal, Goshi is still at the DPJ and Yamamoto with her idol good looks has put the episode behind her and continued with her TV career. You can read more about Yamamoto at her blog here.


Mona Yamamoto suspends all activities after being seen with Giants' player at love hotel


Celebrity Mona Yamamoto, 32, will suspend all activities following her latest scandal in which she was reportedly seen going to a love hotel with a Yomiuri Giants baseball player, her agent, Office Kitano, said Thursday.

Women’s magazine Josei Seven reported Thursday that Yamamoto went to a love hotel with Giants player Tomohiro Nioka, 32, who is married. According to the magazine, Yamamoto had dinner with Nioka after her first appearance as a presenter for Fuji TV’s new news program “Sakiyomi” last Sunday. The couple went to a love hotel together after dinner, the magazine said.

In an official comment released by her agent, Yamamoto said, “Because Nioka was very drunk and I didn’t want to make it a big deal, I decided to go to the love hotel to talk. We just had a drink there but didn’t do anything more. I apologize for choosing such an inappropriate place and that it led to a misunderstanding. I should have been more responsible for my actions.”

Nioka apologized after the Giants’ game on Thursday night, saying, “I was irresponsible. I sincerely apologize for causing trouble for Ms Yamamoto and those who are concerned as well as my fans.” The Giants have suspended him for the time being.

Meanwhile, Fuji TV said Friday that Yamamoto would not be returning to the program. A spokesperson for Fuji said, “We had great expectations for her as a news anchor. We really feel sorry about the scandal just after the launch of the new program, but it can’t be helped. We haven’t decided yet on her replacement. The program’s co-host, Toshihiro Ito, will handle things this week.”

Yamamoto’s agent said in its official comment that she will suspend all other activities which she is currently involved in, including programs on other TV and radio stations in addition to Fuji.

Yamamoto had just returned to news programs for the first time since she left TBS’s “NEWS23” after just five days in October, 2006, because of a scandal over her reported affair with a married DPJ politician.


Takeshi jokes about Yamamoto during 27-hour TV variety program


Comedian and film director Takeshi Kitano, 61, couldn’t resist the urge to joke about the scandals of Mona Yamamoto, whom his agency Office Kitano represents, during Fuji TV’s 27-hour variety program hosted by comedian Sanma, 53, over the weekend.

Takeshi said, “Some tabloid magazines reported ‘Takeshi is angry about Mona.’ I know I shouldn’t make fun of her troubles in public, but rather, I’m very pleased about the scandal from a comedian’s point of of view.”

And finally:

Game software Capcom have cut Yamamoto Mona (34) out of their latest TV commercial. The freelance announcer is suspended from work following a magazine story that claimed she was having an affair with baseball star Nioka Tomohiro (photo). Capcom's ad for the PSP game "Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG" went on air on July 21 featuring Yamamoto and several other celebrities. But a re-edited version has been aired since last Thursday.

I cant' help but think that if she were a man, this wouldn't be such a big deal. But then again, in Japan, that would be dishonorable, so who knows?

Here's a commercial starring Mona:

Here she is on a TV show, in the yellow dress:


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